Really Bad Dad's Day Gifts

So a few years back, my beautiful wife asks if I would like a propane fueled outdoor fireplace for Father's Day. No was my quick answer. Three times she asked, every time my answer remained the same. I have zero interest,. thanks though honey.

So a month later Father's day rolls around, and imagine the thrill that I had as I tore open the wrapping, to reveal my very own, propane fueled. outdoor fireplace. "Ummmm, thanks", or "why did you buy yourself a present on Fathers day" were the two options for my response.. I went with the "thanks honey" answer, seemed to be the path of least resistance.

There were maybe a grand total of 3 or 4 fires in my wonderful new fireplace over the course of a few years. Then four years in, the bottom rusted completely out, putting both me, and my beloved propane fueled outdoor fireplace out of our misery. I happily prepared to haul it to the curb, where it would be first come, first serve, to either the garbage man, or the junk guy that drives the squeaky red pick up truck through the neighborhood on Sunday nights.

To my everlasting pleasure, I was informed that we would not be getting rid of my treasure of a Father's Day gift, and instead, I needed to carry it to the back patio, where it would serve, in perpetuity I suppose, as a decorative fake flower holder.

Happy Father's day.

Best Father's Day Gift??? ummm...

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