Man Serves Friends Tacos Made From His Amputated Foot!


"One friend had to spit me into a napkin" after finding out that the meat cooked was his own amputated leg.

If you could taste human flesh in an ethical way would you?  No matter what your response to that question, you never really expect to actually get presented with the option to actually do so.  

Recently on Reddit, however, user IncrediblyShinySmart shared the story of his motorcycle crash that left him with an amputated foot after a car hit his bike and shattering his lower leg to the point of never walking on it again.

When the doctor asked him if he wanted to amputate the leg he responded "Can I keep it?"

The doctor allowed him to keep his amputated foot and just three weeks after the accident he invited his most "open minded" friends over for a special brunch. He made them apple strudel, Quiches, fruit tarts and even a chocolate cake.  He served gin lemonade and mimosas and then for the main course... Shiny's severed human limb.

View the full set of graphic photos here *WARNING VERY GRAPHIC*

Read this entire interview including how he preserved and cooked it at

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