Dentist Says He Can Tell If You Have Given a Lot of Oral Sex

A dentist has gone viral after revealing that he can tell if a patient has had oral sex by checking their mouth cavity.

The professional shared it on his TikTok account @dentite in a duet video, and admitted that he and his colleagues can definitely tell.

In the clip, he further explains that there's a condition known as palatal petechia – round bruising-like spots around the palate.

He says: "Palatal petechia. This is what it's called.

"If you like, say, sucking on a lollipop, one or two, here or there, not a big deal.

"But let's say you like sucking on multiple, multiple, multiple, multiple lollipops all the time, you've got a problem that's gonna cause palatal petechia."

Viewers commented that they got worried after learning the truth.

The dentist assured the viewers that palatal petechia is not something serious, adding in the comments: "It will heal eventually. But chill on the lollipops. Especially multiple, multiple, multiple."

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Fuse's Daily Download With The Cast Of "House Of Wax"