Paige Spiranac - Taking Covid Test is Like Giving a B-Job

Getting tested for the coronavirus is giving men deep insight into what it’s like to be a woman, says golfer-turned-social media starPaige Spiranac.

On the most recent episode of the 27-year-old’s podcast, “Playing a Round,” the often-half-naked influencer opened up with co-host Josh Temple about the oral COVID-19 test — and Spiranac compared it to giving a man oral sex.

“There’s one that you can just do your mouth, and that one actually is most unpleasant for me. Like, they count 20 seconds where they swirl it around in the back of your mouth,” says Temple, to which Spiranac responds, “Yeah, well, now you know how women feel all the time, so.”

Hear the full explanation below:

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Omega Dubai Moonlight Classic - Day One