Will Smith Hits 225 LBS.


Will Smith is ready to improve his eating habits after an overindulgent vacation.

The Smith family — Jada, Willow and Jaden — recently spent ten days on a boat with a chef who made fresh, warm muffins every day. Will said he couldn’t get enough.

“I would wake up in the morning … and I would have like four muffins,” he said on the latest episode ofRed Table Talk. “Then for lunch I would have like, a Moscow mule. That was pretty much my routine for the ten days. You saw. I would wake up, eat five muffins, and then go to sleep!”

Will said that his overly relaxed attitude toward food led to weight gain, and Jada, 48, and Willow, 18, started calling him “pudgemuffin.”

“I had gotten up to 225 lbs., and it was the most I had ever weighed in my adult life,” he said. “I got to 223 on [the movie]Ali, and I got to 225 on the muffin boat. I don’t want to be a pudgemuffin to my family.”

Will said that he “didn’t like being 225,” and decided to address it head-on after vacation by fasting for ten days — but that led him to a more difficult health situation.

“I got to about four days [of fasting], and I [drops his head in exhaustion]. Because I was still taking my blood pressure medicine. And I started testing my blood pressure, and my blood pressure was way, dangerously low,” he said. “So I stopped taking my blood pressure medication, and my blood pressure normalized for the ten days. And I felt as good as I had ever felt. So I started thinking, wait a second, I’ve been taking blood pressure medicine for almost a decade, and I was like, so, do I have high blood pressure, or was I eating myself into high blood pressure?”

The dad of three realized that he doesn’t “actually know anything about food” and how it affects his body.

“I eat food like an addict. I love food. But I realize my relationship with food was that I eat for fun. I eat for joy,” he said. “I get bored and I start to eat. I realized I’m a grazer. I put something in my mouth every 30 minutes, all throughout the day.” Story credit: People.com

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