500 Semis Expected For Thursday's 'Slow-Roll' Protest On 465


State police said Monday they expect from 400 to 500 semi trucks on I-465 during Thursday's "slow-roll" protest in Indianapolis.

The protest is scheduled to bring attention to government regulations that truck drivers say call "unfair."

Indiana State Police Public Information Officer Matt Ames said extra troopers will patrol I-465 during the time of the protest. He said police expect the protest will be peaceful, but troopers will monitor the situation.

The protest is scheduled for 11 a.m. Thursday.

"Once they hit 465 and pull out, that's where they're going to do their slow roll. You know, 45 to 50 mph is what they're going to be doing," said Amber Furry, an Indiana truck protest organizer.

Furry said drivers will circle I-465 twice. The protest was formed due to the government regulations that were implemented in 2017 that caused truck drivers to use a electronic logging device that tracks their hours on the roads.

Truck driver Donald Day said the tracking devices have forced drivers to have shorter amounts of time to deliver products to their destination. THANKS WISHTV.COM

Don Stuck

Don Stuck

Don Stuck


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