Michael Bolton Out Cold During LIVE Interview


Michael Bolton wants to assure fans he didn’t doze off during a live interview.

The “When a Man Loves a Woman” crooner, 65, appeared on Monday’s episode of the Australian live television program “The Morning Show” with hosts Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies, and after they introduced him he didn’t say anything and appeared to close his eyes on camera. Both hosts attempted to get his attention, and eventually, he muttered, “It’s gone silent.”

“What time is it in Florida?” Gillies asked, referring to where Bolton was calling in from.

“Cocktail time,” Emdur teased.

On Tuesday, Bolton took to Instagram to deny taking an on-air nap.

“I got my first record deal when I was 15 and I haven’t slept since!! In all seriousness there were technical issues with the live feed and they caught me tweeting!” he captioned a picture of himself in a pirate hat. “We had a great interview once they fixed the glitch. #FakeNews #50thAnniversary #SymphonyOfHits.”

Don Stuck

Don Stuck

Don Stuck


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