Johnson County Drug Raid: 120 Charged

Story from our news partners at Fox 59.

 Multiple law enforcement agencies arrested dozens of people as part of a massive drug sweep Thursday in Johnson County.

The overwhelming number of cases involved methamphetamine, investigators said, with cocaine and other drugs involved in other cases.

“The breakdown of some of some of those counts was 135 counts for dealing methamphetamine, 24 counts of dealing heroin, eight counts of dealing cocaine and 20 counts of dealing controlled substances,” said Johnson County Prosecutor Brad Cooper.

In some cases, departments in Marion County and other surrounding counties assisted in finding dealers, who crossed county lines to sell in Johnson County.

“Not all of them are from Johnson County,” Cooper said. “Some of them from other counties came in to Johnson County to deal, those are our favorite ones to catch because we don’t want them coming into our county.”

Full story form Fox 59 in video below. 


- Don Stuck  

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