Raiders Gave QB Russell Blank Tape to See If He Watched Film

The Oakland Raiders took some major steps to prove what they already knew;  JaMarcus Russell was not doing his homework! 

While appearing on New York's WFAN, former offensive lineman David Diehl said the Raiders coaches would give Russell blank tapes to determine if he was studying film. If you give a man enough rope, he will hang himself

Diehl said Russell would come into the Raiders' facilities the next day saying that he watched the blitz packages! BUSTED!!  

This was no surprise to anyone after you study his record. It seems the unprepared Russell wasn't fully on board with being a top NFL quarterback. His 52.1 completion percentage, 18 touchdowns and 23 interceptions in 31 games turned him into one of the biggest draft busts in NFL history. The Raiders released him on May 6, 2010

- Don Stuck 

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Don Stuck

Don Stuck


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