Tony Stewart Reconsiders Indy 500 After Wickens Crash

Tony Stewart is taking a longer look at the idea of a – one last time - return to the Indianapolis 500. Some of it has to do with timing, and some – maybe a lot - has to do with injuries Robert Wickens suffered in an IndyCar crash this year.

Stewart has been very public about his desire to have at least one IndyCar race on an oval, preferably at Pocono Raceway, to reacquaint himself with the car before he entered the Indianapolis 500. Wickens suffered major injuries in an Aug. 19 crash at Pocono that included a bruised spinal cord and a fractured neck.  

See Wickens break through moment from this week here.

"After Robert Wickens got hurt, I don't know how excited I am about it anymore," Stewart told The Associated Press in a telephone interview Thursday. "You watch Robert get hurt and ask yourself if it's really worth it."


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