Peyton Manning Host's New ESPN Show

How does breaking down film with Peyton Manning sound?

It’s back to the small screen for the Indianapolis Colts former quarterback. This time for a new series called Detail. Manning’s duties for the new show include writing and… hosting!    

The show is all about the film study baby! A football fans dream. And the series produced by Kobe Bryant's Granity Studios. Bryant will break down NBA film on the eight show series which can be viewed on ESPN’s Plus streaming service.

Bryant told ESPN Manning was top of his list: "The next generation of football players will learn first-hand how one of the greatest players of all time objectively breaks down a game. It's the ultimate film session for anyone who wants to learn and improve."

The first episode is available tonight. He'll look at rookie quarterback Josh Rosen's performance when the Arizona Cardinals played the Minnesota Vikings last week. A big deal for Manning and Broncos fans for sure Denver will take on the Arizona Cardinals tonight on Thursday Night Football.

- Don Stuck – “Home of the Typo.”


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