Cool Dad Gets Bullied For Driving Son To School In A Ferrari

This sounds like the coolest deal ever! My dad’s rich, he’s cool and has a Ferrari! Sign me up and drive me to school!!  

Most Ferrari models were designed to hit the track! But even the fastest models are still incredibly comfortable. That's exactly what one owner thought when he drove his son to school in his Ferrari 488 GTB.

Sounds awesome, right? The problem was the other parents and school faculty were not happy about it at all. This according to the South China Morning Post. Local reports are saying the father is now and outcast and facing a social boycott simply for rolling in a ride he can afford.

The other parents did not like seeing the Ferrari pull up to drop off the man’s son at school and complained about it in a chat group.

A teacher told the man that the car was leading to unhealthy comparisons in class and that he should drive a different car to school.

Parents backed the teacher and messaged him to use a different car. One parent said “It’s not proper. You should not show off, no matter how rich you are." Another parent said “If it’s just dropping the kid at school, can’t you just use a regular car? You are not short of money anyway.” 

The wealthy father didn't back down and responded by saying “If [seeing others] driving a racing car hurts feelings, your children are too sensitive. Besides, why should I buy another car just to serve your needs?” Unfortunately, Mr. Li was removed from the chat shortly after responding.     The full story here:

Social media is prissy all over the world!

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