Study Says People Who Correct Online Grammar Are Jerks

I can give you four names right off the top of my head. You know who you are! You can’t wait to call me out on misplaced or missing commas, question marks and colons. YOU MUST GET A HOBBY!

According to a new study from the University of Michigan, that grammar-Nazi quality, may actually be a pretty good sliding scale for a person's likability overall. (I think we already knew that.) In parentheses!    

The long and short of it, people who are extroverts and introverts were show emails containing purposely placed errors in the text.

It was discovered that extroverted people tended not get as snippy about people's mistakes as introverts did — By most accounts, extroverts are happier people and can see through a person's mistakes. Introverts may not be as happy and would never miss an opportunity to point out someone else’s shortcomings.

In other words, the least open-minded people were the ones who stood out as the grammar police. AKA JERKS!

For a deep dive into the study, click here: 

- Don Stuck – “Home of the Typo.”


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Don Stuck

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