Indiana Student W Down Syndrome Denied By Every Sorority

Well this is a rough story. It’s uplifting and inspiring, but it also shows how heartless some people or situations can be.   

This past Sunday, 19-year-old AnnCatherine Heigl, who graduated from Zionsville High and has Down syndrome, was denied by every sorority during recruitment at George Mason University in Fairfax, Va.

AnnCatherine still has her forever champion though! Her sister, Lillie Heigl, 22, posted an email she sent to Phil McDaniel, associate director of student involvement, on Twitter, expressing her deep disappointment over her sister’s exclusion.

George Mason has eight sorority chapters and Lillie vented her frustrations that not one would give her a chance.

“I felt like in a world that was not made to be inclusive to people with intellectual disabilities, once again she was excluded,” Lillie wrote.

See the letters to George Mason and responses below!

To follow AnnCatherine’s full story, CLICK HERE:   

- Don Stuck


Don Stuck

Don Stuck

Don Stuck


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