Former Colt Retires In The Middle Of The Game

I can’t speak to what goes on in a person’s mind who has to deal with 30 car accidents a day. Myself, I think I would have just taken it easy, stayed out of harm’s way and finished the game.

Former Colts cornerback Vontae Davis called it quits in the middle of a game.

Davis left at halftime of the Buffalo Bills’ contest against the Los Angeles Chargers yesterday. Shortly after he left, he announced he’s retiring. READ ANNOUNCEMENT BELOW.

On Davis, coach Sean McDermott said: “Pulled himself out of the game. He communicated to us that he was done.”

His teammates were not feeling the mid game retirement!

“I think the only thing to say is he’s where he needs to be right now,” tackle Kyle Williams said.

Asked where that might be, Williams responded: “That’s not here point blank and simple.”

Defensive end Lorenzo Alexander was equally blunt when responding to questions about Davis.

“I don’t have nothing to say about Vontae so I’ll give him a little bit more respect than he showed us today as far as quitting on us in the middle of the game,” Alexander said. “Never seen it, ever. Pop Warner. High school. College. Pros.”

Davis released a statement Sunday evening saying his body is no longer able to play at a high level, and he meant no disrespect to his teammates and coaches.

- Don Stuck


Don Stuck

Don Stuck

Don Stuck


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