Sex Doll Brothel Raided Closed By Police Days After Opening

Do you think this would ever be something for you? It may take the world a little while for this to sink in... 

It really doesn’t seem like there’s anything wrong going on here… extremely weird… but wrong? I’m not so sure. We kind of snicker about it now in 2018, but is this the future of human sexual encounters? How advanced will sex dolls become by 2050?    

The brothel Lumidoll in Italy was closed by police after alleged infringements of Italian property law, according to reports in Italian media. Basically the shut them down on a technicality. Lumidoll operates similar establishments in Moscow, Barcelona and has plans to open them all over the world.

Unhappy owner Sergi Prieto told Daily Star Online: "At the moment the premises will remain closed until these bureaucratic details are resolved but the forecast is that they can resume the activity soon."

FYI: Prostitution is legal in Italy.

Prieto also brushed off reports about questionable hygiene standards, saying that "hygiene in the establishment of LumiDolls is 100 per cent guaranteed."

The closure of Italy’s first sex doll brothel came after the firm’s second brothel in Barcelona was forced to move to a new location after the building's landlord cancelled the lease.

- Don Stuck

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