Indiana Men Make Puppet Of OD'ing Friend And Post Video

An Indiana sheriff’s spokesmen says it does not look like any laws were broken when two men took a video of themselves manipulating the limp body of another man who died of what looks like a drug overdose and then posted it on social media.

Porter County Coroner Chuck Harris said the video, which included manipulating the man's mouth like he was singing a song and lifting his arms like he was a puppet, showed "a blatant disregard for human life."

However, Dave Reynolds, the Porter County Sheriff says Monday that his office concluded no law was broken and that the men told him they were "horseplaying."

Harris went on to say the man in the video was Kyle Kearby, 21, who was pronounced dead Sunday in Valparaiso. The suspected cause of death was a drug overdose.

It could not be determine whether Kearby was alive when he was filmed slumped over as one man tied cords to his wrists. Another man in the video pumps his chest in a CPR-like motion before moving his mouth to appeared like Kearby was singing a song.



- Don Stuck

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