Tim Conway's Health Declining - 'Unable to Communicate'

Legendary comedian Tim Conway‘s health is declining.  I LOVE this guy! The Carol Burnett Show, The Apple Dumpling Gang... you name it. Tim Conway is one of the all time best and my all time favorites! He was even great on an episode of 30 Rock

In court documents first reported by The Blast on Thursday, attorney Michael Harris, who has been retained to oversee Conway’s interests due to his daughter Kelly and wife Charlene’s dispute over his health care, revealed the 84-year-old comedian is “unable to communicate” and is “suffering from fluid on the brain.”

“He showed no ability or willingness to talk and no apparent sign that he comprehended the nature of the Conservatorship or any of my statements to him,” explained Harris, who made a visit to Conway’s Canoga Park home on Aug. 28.  

The long and short of it, reports say, is that his daughter wants him moved and his wife wants him to stay put. The documents says Conway is currently under 24-hour care and that moving him “will be harmful to his health and life.” FULL STORY HERE:

- Don Stuck

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