Colts Bob Lamey Accused Racial Slur Days Before Retirement

A heartbreaking and developing story comes from WTHR Investigates.

Serious accusations have come to light against the veteran play-by-play announcer for the Indianapolis Colts.

According to reports, 13 Investigates uncovered that just days before Bob Lamey announced his retirement, a complaint was lodged against him alleging he used the "n-word". Lamey, through his attorney, Jim Voyles, has apologized.

The accusation was made by a radio employee, who claims she heard Lamey say the racial slur, was stunned and felt compelled to speak up. That employee spoke with 13 Investigates reporter Jennie Runevitch about the allegations.

"People don't know the whole truth," the radio employee reportedly said.  

"No legend. No person you look up to uses that kind of hurtful language at all," she said. "It made me sick to my stomach."

Read the full developing story from WTHR 13 here:

- Don Stuck

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