Eminem's Daughter Hailie Steps Out in Bikini at Lollapalooza

Eminem made his daughter famous before she could speak.

If you have been listening to Eminem since he first hit the scene he has been mentioning Hailie in his songs. "You should see her, she's beautiful," he wrote of the then-tyke in a song flaming his mother. (HW

Hailie Scott is all grown up now with a huge social media presence of her own. With over 1 million followers, Ms. Mathers knows how to get attention.

She just Lollapalooza and posted about it wearing a black bikini top. She captioned the post, "reason #105 to love festivals: it’s acceptable to sit on the ground whenever you get too tired or hot."

- Don Stuck

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Don Stuck

Don Stuck

Don Stuck


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