Roseanne Spin Off The Conner's Set To Premiere

ABC has pulled the trigger and it looks like its official – The Roseanne ‘family’ is returning to Tuesday nights! The network giant is waiting until mid- October, a move that has many industry insiders and reports scratching their heads.

The decision for ABC to hold off the premiere of the highly anticipated spin-off could have a very simple explanation. The show time slot was supposed to be for ‘Roseanne’ and the new show, The Conner’s, will not have enough time to be ready by the usual mid-late September network premieres. ABC premieres its Tuesday night lineup, led by the new show.

Also below, watch Roseanne tells the world why the show was really cancelled…  

Plus great Roseanne bloopers!  

- Don Stuck

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Don Stuck

Don Stuck

Don Stuck


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