Halle Berry Takes It All Off For A Swim

Why do we care about this? Well, you got me on that one! Lol But when almost FIFTY TWO year old Halle Berry decides to strip off everything and jump in the pool for a few photos, it is our duty to help spread the good news! See photos and videos below.

Still looking incredible 16 years after her much publicized nude sex scene in, Monsters Ball, Halle figures if you still got it, flaunt it! She won an Academy Award for Best Actress in the 2002 drama along-side her co-star Billy Bob Thonrton.

Click HERE to see the pairs full on nude and sex scene from Monsters Ball…         

WARNING: this is an EXTREMELY NOT SAFE FOR WORK WEB SITE… it’s almost not safe for home! Lol

- Don Stuck

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Don Stuck


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