Waitress Takes Down Man Who Groped Her

It’s honestly a bit disturbing that things like this are still going on. This seems like a real 1964 maneuver here!

It was almost quitting time - 11 p.m. - and Emelia Holden was winding up her day as a server at a Savannah, Ga., pizzeria when she felt someone’s hand on her butt! This was a hand that was 100% uninvited!

Her response was ninja like and immediate. Joe jerk-of% got yanked to the ground after an awesome headlock from behind from the 115 pound Holden.

“You don’t touch me,” she yelled, adding a few other choice words as he sat against a trash can, a bit stunned.

The June 30 encounter was captured on a surveillance video that has been viewed more than four million times since her cousin shared it online. 

Watch full story below from Inside Edition  

- Don Stuck

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Don Stuck

Don Stuck

Don Stuck


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