Stripper Trading Cards!


Now you can get trading cards featuring 69 Portland strippers

Portland is known many things. It's a place where trend setting often begins, From beer, beards, their airport carpet, their love of the great outdoors and the great INDOORS. They also love strippers! 

Now, a Portland photographer named Jason Savage has come up with a way to appreciate and capture their beauty forever: trading cards that feature many of the city's exotic dancers. -Women and Men -

"The idea originally came from some conversations I had with several dancers," Savage said in an email to 

"I was starting to go to strip clubs after work at my second-shift job, because there wasn't much else to do at that hour, and I didn't feel like going right home," he said. "I began to get to know some of the dancers, and we joked that there were so many strippers in Portland, that they should all have their own baseball cards."  

See the collection at

 - Don Stuck

Don Stuck

Don Stuck

Don Stuck


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