Sunday Rush: All 167 Rush Songs Ranked From Worst To First!

All 167 Rush songs ranked from worst, to first!

A person who likes starting fights is normally considered a trouble maker! I don’t consider myself a trouble maker, but I do like a great online debate when it comes to music! To me, this list is going to be considered by some, a declaration of war! Lol

The hard part of a list like this is the bands style itself. Rush, pulls influence from many sources. Their early years as blues rock based disciples of Led Zeppelin, to the latter days where they became very progressive.   

This list compiled by Ultimate Classic Rock is so comprehensive and detailed; there’s not even enough room on this page! lol

Click here to get the entire run down! And, enjoy some amazing solos from the men who make up Rush below plus, Getty and Alex answer fans Twitter questions to Rush!   


- Don Stuck

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