Shark Attacks Bikini Girls Fish

Well, this is a must see for fishing guys and gals everywhere!!  

While fishing on top for what is called a circular skiff, Lexis Chancey found herself spinning in circles after hooking a nice sized fish. But that’s not even where the fun began! ENTER BULL SHARK! The shark begins chasing the fish on the line and sending it on a frenzy!

Chancey is the 20-year-old daughter of Ben Chancey, from the online fishing show "Chew On This," so there were plenty of cameras to capture her continuous screams as the bull shark chased its potential meal. It’s easy to see when the shark finally catches the fish in the video below!

All the action starts at the 45 second mark of the video.


- Don Stuck

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Don Stuck

Don Stuck

Don Stuck


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