Woman Flashes Boob on Google Maps

A tourist has reportedly added a great video of her bare breast to a remote road on Google Maps, sending locals into a fluster — and racking up hundreds of five-star reviews for the spot. It may be the first time anyone looked at this part of the world twice! 

The clip shows her looking over her shoulder before pulling down her pink to  "set'em free!" Well, in this case, she set one free! 

The woman reportedly uploaded the video to a quiet route along Pingtung County, Taiwan, and it immediately stood out from the boring images of fields and farm equipment.

Local residents who saw the viral footage joked they were driving to the village “straight away.”

One said: ”I’ve never thought about going there but now I want to. It definitely seems like a lively area.”

Watch your step and enjoy!    - Don Stuck

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Don Stuck

Don Stuck

Don Stuck


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