Something New To Do On Mass Ave!

From our new partners at Fox 59 News:  

There's a new bar on Mass Ave., but they're not serving up drinks.

This bar is dishing out IV vitamin infusions. That's right, you can just pop in to Vitality IV bar and the staff will set you up with an IV drip full of nutrients.

IV bars aren't new. They're more popular in party places like Vegas or Los Angeles. It's been dubbed "the hangover cure" but the owners of Vitality IV bar say it's much more than that.

From a prick to a drip -- clients just sit back and relax while this IV bag infuses their body with nutrients.

Watch the video below and let’s test it out on some great summer hangovers! Lol  

- Don Stuck

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Don Stuck

Don Stuck

Don Stuck


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