Giant Snake Found In Hancock County Indiana

It wasn’t Jim Morrison’s Crawling King Snake, but it was a BIG one!

A giant snake was discovered slithering around in a subdivision in New Palestine over the weekend.

"Big freaking snake. I'm outta here," you hear a woman comment as she records a large snake in a tree in a New Palestine nature park.

I just spoke to Sandi Whitaker about her encounter with the snake and the possibility of bringing him home for a pet. Sandi’s response: “NOT GONNA HAPPEN TODAY!” lol    

The Department of Natural Resources says the snake is a grey rat snake which can be found throughout Indiana. DNR went on to say that the Rat Snake is harmless (well not poisonous) and are a farmers favorite because they live up to their name and kill vermin who are stalking the grain bins!     

- Don Stuck

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Don Stuck

Don Stuck

Don Stuck


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