AMC Theaters $5 Ticket Tuesday Is Permanent In Indianapolis!

No matter how old you are or what year you actually started going, hitting a movie at the theater has always been a blast… if someone else is paying!

I understand the costs and have never held it against large theater chains. Huge screens, high definition and amazing sound all make for an experience that can hardly be matched by even the best home theater systems. Still the fact remains that for you to take yourself and someone you dig to the movies and have a few munchies; you’re going to be out around $40 bucks!

Now you can do it for $5 every Tuesday! AMC announced the $5 Ticket Tuesday deal that was initially only supposed to last a limited time is here to stay – if you are an AMC Stubs member. You can join online here or through the AMC app for Apple or Android.

You can purchase a $5 movie ticket AND take part in the $5 Cameo Combo Tuesday deal, and get small popcorn and small drink. It's free to join.

Here are the AMC theaters near you - click here.

- Don Stuck 

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Don Stuck

Don Stuck

Don Stuck


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