Don Stuck's Video Tour Of Stevie Ray Vaughan's Grave

Hallowed ground indeed. Our trip Sunday to guitar great Stevie Ray Vaughan’s final resting place was far more moving than expected. 

Vaughan, along with his parents Jimmie Lee and Martha, are buried on a grassy rock-bordered island deep inside the sprawling Laurel Land Cemetary in the southern part of Dallas, Texas. Their memorial resting place is called Vaughan Estate.

While there to pay our respects, my wife, Natalia and I talked with two women who were in town for a wedding and had to make the trip over to have a drink together at SRV’s final resting place. Many mourners often do the same. 

Below, Don Stuck’s five minute video tour of Vaughan Estate, a visit with SRV and his parents, and an instructional video of how to find the grave in this VERY large cemetery. 

Hope you enjoy -  Don Stuck

Don Stuck

Don Stuck

Don Stuck


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