Criminal Charges For Purdue's Isaac Haas In STD Allegation?

A $1 Million civil suit was filed Tuesday against a well know former Purdue Boilermaker. The lawsuit accusing Isaac Haas of infecting an unknowing partner with a sexually transmitted disease contains a text where the former Purdue basketball player speculates about serving jail time for the incident. A text, alleged to be Haas attempting to cover up the incident says he could face "6 months to 50 years in jail depending on the extremity of disease." Legal experts are saying at this time it is unlikely Haas would be charged.  

The $1 million civil lawsuit was filed Tuesday in Tippecanoe Circuit Court by Alyssa Chambers. The Lawsuit states she contracted herpes after Haas "explicitly assured" her that he had been tested for STDs and was cleared. 

Full Story from Indy Star here and watch video report below. 

- Don Stuck 

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