GAME OF THRONES TRAILER: Shoots Longest Battle Scene in Shows History

Watchers on The Wall says that GoT assistant director Jonathan Quinlan posted (and quickly removed) a picture of a thank you card to the show's cast and crew. The cast and crew endured 55 days straight nights of cold, snow, rain and sheep sh!t!. It was up on Instagram, and then it was gone. I suspect there was a meeting the next day about what can and can't be posted! lol 

They are saying the battle scene it "Something That's Never Been Done Before."

I'm sorry you have to click a second link to view the cool photos and the thank you card but I could not find an decent embed link... its that TOP SECRET! But Maxim has the goods at the link below! 

See Battle scenes Quinlan's award to the cast here

- Don Stuck 

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