Disowned Hoosier Jared Fogle Files $57M Lawsuit


Sandwich pitchman and disowned Hoosier Jared Fogle is suing EVERYONE this time!  

Fogle, now serving  more than 15 years on charges of child porn and sexual conduct with a minor alleges the judges and prosecutors who sent him to prison, conspired against him and is now suing for $57 million.  Fogle is claiming he was unjustly charged with conspiracy to receive pictures of minors.

Last week, Fogle also made another attempt to get himself freed, filing paperwork to the federal court in Denver, Reuters reports. But he listed President Trump as a defendant, and a judge has given him 30 days to revise the paperwork—among other things, he needs to remove Trump and his sentencing judge as defendants.  Full story and photo credit by Newser.com 

- Don Stuck 

Don Stuck

Don Stuck

Don Stuck


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