Inside the Rule Books for N.F.L. Cheerleaders SHOCKING

Being an NFL cheerleader sounds fun... until you see the official rule book! Is this really the NO FUN LEAGUE?! 

Cheerleaders for the Panthers, must be on site least five hours before kickoff. Piercings and tattoos removed or covered. Water breaks can be taken only when the Panthers are on offense. 

Baltimore Ravens are weighing these girls in! Cheerleaders were on regular weigh-ins and are expected to “maintain ideal body weight,” according to a handbook from 2009. The Cincinnati Ben-Gals were even more precise in recent years: Cheerleaders had to be within THREE POUNDS of their “ideal weight.”

The New York Times, has reviewed seven NFL cheerleader handbooks. Included are instrutions for personal hygiene tips, like shaving techniques and the proper use of tampons. In some cases, sweatpants in public is forbidden... yes, they can't wear sweatpants on their own time! 

Across the NFL, teams even try to control on how cheerleaders conduct their lives off the field. This includes limiting their social media activity as well as the people they CHOOSE TO DATE and socialize with. Restrictions are placed on their nail polish and jewelry.

Yes it's insane... lol  Read the full story from New York Times HERE.   - Don Stuck   

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Don Stuck

Don Stuck

Don Stuck


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