Man Busted Doing 160 MPH On Indiana Toll Road

I guess this guy from Wisconsin thinks if you pay your toll you can go as fast as you want. Not a bad idea actually!  

The man was promptly arrested Wednesday after an Indiana State Police trooper clocked his Dodge Challenger Hellcat (707 HP) traveling 160 mph on the Indiana Toll Road. 

Trooper Dustin Eggert was stopped helping a motorist when he "got his door doors blown off!" That CB lingo for "was passed REALLY FAST!"    

The trooper reported traveling in excess of 150 mph attempting to catch up to the car but the Hellcat was still pulling away. The guy finally slowed down after getting caught behind two semis. The 38 year old man was arrested after telling police he was just trying to get to Maryland. SEE! The Bandit... East Bound and Down! The man was arrested on suspicion of reckless driving and taken to the LaPorte County Jail.    - Don Stuck 

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