Father Of Son With Down Syndrome Says Boy Scouts Revoked All Merit Badges

This didn't work out very well for anyone. 

UTAH - A father of a son with Down syndrome says the Boy Scouts revoked all of his sons merit badges, blocking his path to becoming an eagle scout. Dad says his son did the best he could and local leaders were satisfied with his accomplishments however, the nation organization stepped and said no, then revoked all of his badges. The family sued the Boy Scouts and the Utah National Parks Council for "outrageous and reckless conduct."

 I was in Scouts and had a blast. Troop 121! The merit badges are very difficult to earn! Back in the 70's, if you were close and trying your best, the scout master would normally give you the nod. I know Scout Master King went way out of his way to help us all!

Hopefully this can all be resolved. I know from personal experience, if you are 15 years old and are on the threshold of becoming and Eagle Scout, it is, and has been your life's work.  Some of my old scout stuff is below. 

Down Syndrome - Different, not less. 

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Don Stuck

Don Stuck

Don Stuck


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