My 9/11 Story of Living in DC When All Hell Broke Loose

I will never forget this day 18 years ago. 9.11.01 was the day before radio history was to take place.

In our nation's capital sits the old National Geographic Printing press building where on 9.12.01 we were to launch XM Satellite Radio. On the cover of the USA Today purple LIFE section on 9.11.01 there was a big story about the XM launch. Very few saw it because of the events of the day. The launch of XM had to be pushed back a couple of weeks for obvious reasons.

On that morning I got my free fancy coffee and ran into an old Raleigh friend I had worked with prior to XM, and talked about what we were going to wear the following day for the launch. Then sat down to my Pure Crystal Radio Show desk, and XM's Liquid Metal personality, Ward Cleaver, approached me with all of his tats and his quiet demeanor. We were the first two there that day, and he wondered if I had heard of a plane hitting the WTC in NY. Mind you we had about a dozen Personalities of our own on their way by plane that morning to various parts of the county for the XM launch. We both immediately dropped what we were doung and found a small black and white tv that someone had on their desk. By now all news channels were live from the scene. The first plane had hit and we could tell it was bigger than a prop plane. Ward and I sat there watching history unfold. All of our co workers had been accounted for, thank God.

It was now time to go have a smoke, so as folks arrived to XM we all watched in awe. I then heard a tremendous blast while sitting out in the smoking section. I just blew it off to the sounds of the city and finished my smoke. Upon returning to the tv's which were now on everywhere, we learned the news of the Pentagon being hit. Was that the blast I just heard? Immediately my boss contacts me and says call your Mom first, get out of that building and go home. So I did. Traffic was gridlock. Humvees camouflaged in desert tan colors with blue police lights were on every corner. I lived at 13th and W. In the city and it took hours to get home. I had a landline and was able to help the entire neighborhood keep in touch with lived ones. All cell service was gone.

There is so much more that I can say. I felt protected by the Government that day. I miss tge days of 9/12 and beyond when we all just wanted to hug one another. When flags were sold out of every store. God bless you on this day.



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