Original Artwork of Zeppelin’s 1969 Debut Album Auction.

A very cool piece of rock memorabilia is on the auction block -- the original artwork of the cover of Led Zeppelin’s 1969 self-titled debut album.

George Hardie's design, based on the historic 1937 photograph of the Hindenburg disaster taken by Sam Shere, is estimated to sell for between $20- and $30,000 when it goes up for bids from June 2nd through the 18th at Christie’s.

Jimmy Pagerejected a few of Hardie's early drafts before he suggested he do something with Shere’s Hindenburg picture. And what he did was to use tracing paper to recreate the image in stipple — a style of drawing using small dots — to give it the same feel as a low-resolution newspaper photo.

Picture dated May 1936 of German giant z

Picture dated May 1936 of German giant z

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