This world needs less keyboards and more hands on!  I should know I sit behind a desk all day, when I get home this is what I like to do to disconnect from the digital world.  I started with a few beers and a stack of metal after work and this is what I ended up with ... an it ... as my dad says ... its an it!!  

Now let me warn you.  I am a shade tree mechanic, my welds suck, and I do what I need to do on projects like this.  Hope you like a little look inside my shop.  I also specialize in hot rod vehicles and parts so if you are ever looking for something specific I get cars from all over the country.  American steel hot rods only.

First I put a tab on top of this chunk of square steel tubing for an easy ground to start with and cut some squares out to box it in for the body!


Then I took some rebar and cut six 6" pieces and six 12" pieces for the legs!

Then I set the body on a chunk of solid steel to give it some lift while I tacked on the legs in the position I wanted.  I did cut one side of the shorter ends with a 45 degree angle so they would lay on the body flat, other than that free hand and tack.

Next I took a piece of chain and welded it in the shape of a tail.  Start with one link on and continue on.  I ended up using a circular drill bit for the stinger.

Now onto the head of the creature.  Again this is all done while maintaining a creative buzz level mixture of Budweiser and marlboros.  I used a old muffler clamp for little antennas and an old wheel hub bearing for the head.

Last but not least here is a good photo of my sidekick next to the it for size reference.