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Bruce Springsteen stars in his new short film for his song Hunter Of Invisible Game. The ten-minute movie debuted on the rocker's website Wednesday. 

In a message accompanying the film, Bruce explains that it's a collaboration with director Thom Zimny that they'd "been talking about" for "a long part of the year," and he believes it's one of their best. 

The movie premiere also caps off Springsteen's latest run.  He explains that the past two years have "been a life changer," and he credits the fans for helping him and his group "bring a new and revitalized E St. Band into being."  

Bruce says they're now taking a break with "a sense of joy, renewed purpose and filled with the spirit to bring" their best in the future, adding that they still have "a few surprises" for their followers. 

Watch the film on Bruce Springsteen's website.

Photo: Getty Images